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14 Things We Learned About Zac Efron When He Was on ‘Room Raiders’

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Zac Efron was on MTV's 'Room Raiders' in 2005 because sometimes we do actually get to have nice things

So something resurfaced a few days ago and it’s incredible. A tiny, teenage Zac Efron was the featured guy on an episode on MTV’s early 2000s dating show, Room Raiders and it is honestly EVERYTHING. I mean, Room Raiders itself was a masterpiece (bring it back, MTV), but watching a before-he-was-famous Zac Efron snoop through girls rooms with a silver spy briefcase is fairly life-changing and very informative.

Not familiar with the classic dating/reality show? Three guys or gals have their rooms inspected by another single person. The “raider” doesn’t meet or get to even see any of the three singles until the end of the episode. After looking at all three rooms the raider has to pick who to go on a date with based on the contents of their rooms. Meanwhile, the three singles get to watch and comment from a van while their rooms are being inspected. Sound fun? It is. Especially when it’s a pre-celeb doing the raiding.

Zefron/Room Raiders Spy Kit

Credit: MTV

He's got his spy kit, so let's get started!