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15 Famous Last Words

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Any last words?

For centuries, last words have been a customary way to honor someone before they die, whether providing them with a final moment of decency before their death (in the case of executions) or otherwise documenting their last moments.

Often, our last words may be confused, be it due to illness or old age. But in some cases, people’s final words have been so impactful that they’ve stuck with us through the years as testaments to that person’s life and legacy.

Whether creepy or unexpectedly profound, some of the greatest and worst minds our kind has seen have left lasting final words that we still love to read and reflect upon today. Here, we’ve collected some famous last words from entertainers, thinkers, even murderers, for your viewing pleasure.

famous last words thomas j grasso death row

Source: Imgur/TheMuffinCrunchers