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“Your Brother Is Better in Bed” and 14 Awful Reasons Why People Were Dumped

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Breaking up is hard to do.

What do you say when ending things with somebody you used to love, who may still be very much in love with you?

Many of us know that breaking up is hard to do. Whether you’re the one ending things or your significant other catches you off guard with the bad news, it’s never easy. Unfortunately, some break ups are much worse and much sloppier than others, and they can even haunt us for so long that we are afraid to ever trust another person for a long time.

Sometimes, the act of ending a relationship does not hurts as much as words we say while things are coming to an end. Words are easy and effective weapons, and sometimes the things we say to those closest to us can hurt the most.

People were asked to share the cruelest things they ever said or heard while breaking up or being dumped, and it’s truly unimaginable.

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How far would you go to hurt someone?