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$55 Million Dollars of Cocaine Just Washed Ashore in UK

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Coke Floats

Excuse me, did somebody lose something?

An estimated 50 million euros worth of cocaine in multiple duffle bags have washed up on a beach in eastern England. Hundreds of kilos of coke were seized by the National Crime Agency after someone found the drugs while walking along the beach.

This is an ABSURD amount of drugs that won’t go unnoticed now that it’s in the possession of the police. The total amount of seized cocaine so far is about 360 kilograms, which in America would be worth well over 53 million dollars.

As the investigation continues, more and more clues are coming to light… as well as more bags of cocaine that keep rolling in with the tide.

Thats a ton of cocaine

Credit: National Crime Agency

Where did this come from?