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Problems Only People Alive in the ’90s Will Remember

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You know you were alive in the '90s if...

In so many ways, the 1990s were an amazing decade. Filled with bold fashion, timeless music, and the start of many of today’s biggest celebrities’ careers, it’s hard to look back on the ’90s without getting nostalgic.

But that certainly doesn’t mean it was an easy decade either.

With a strong anti-establishment movement among young people, you knew not everything was peachy keen. We may have thought we were living large and even “in the future” at the time, but since the turn of the century, we’ve learned better. With all the new technology and luxuries we have today, it’s comical—embarrassing, even—to look back on those years and realize just how far we had yet to come.

Makes you start to wonder about the future. But until then, reminisce with these hysterical 90s problems!

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You know you were alive in the '90s if you remember these