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A 4-Year-Old’s Guide to Being Successful and Confident

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We've got a lot to learn!

The older we get, the more envious we become towards children. Longing for the ‘simpler times’ when life wasn’t complicated. When we’re around children, especially if you have some of your own, you remember what it’s like to literally know nothing. But there’s something about a child’s blissful ignorance that we should all find endearing and even inspirational.

Kids find this unexplainable confidence in what they say because they just don’t know any better – which is something completely alien to a sentient adult. Sure, ‘kids say the darndest things’ all the time, but maybe if we took a page out of their self-help playbook we’d all be a lot better off!

Take Jessica, for example. She gets up every day and looks in the mirror reciting (and dancing) all of the things that are great in her life. Don’t believe me? Read on to watch for yourself!

confident kid jessica

Source: YouTube @dmchatster

This kid is sure to make you smile!