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A List of the Most Sexually Satisfied Countries Is in, and We’ve Got Some Bad News

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U S A! U S... Anyway

Are you happy with your country?

Depending on where you’re from, chances are you feel there’s no place like home or that you’re from the best country on Earth. In fact, if you live somewhere like the United States, that bold nationalism may very well have been the status quo for the past century.

And why shouldn’t we be proud of our home countries? Especially in the USA, we’re respected (or at least recognized) worldwide for our power, leadership, and influence, as well as for our dedication to human rights, personal freedoms, and other issues that are easily felt but hard to measure.

But when it comes to nationwide sexual satisfaction, the US is nowhere in sight. A recent study by Alternet ranked the world’s most sexually satisfied countries, and it would seem that the USA has a long way to go.

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Source: Wikipedia

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