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A Man Is Live-Streaming His 30-Day Stay In Solitary Confinement—Here’s Why It Matters.

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James Burns is opting to go back to prison to make an important point

Over the past few years, prison reform has become one of the most hotly debated social justice topics in our culture. When you’ve never experienced the criminal justice system or life on the inside, the reality of prison life seems like a distant concern. It’s something that you know about in the general sense. You’re aware that there is a problem with the way the U.S. treats prisoners, but the extent of the mistreatment within the prison system feels like an exaggeration or, perhaps, just someone else’s problem.

For James Burns, that’s not the case. His very personal journey as a young man growing up in America’s prison system has led him to a new project, the goal of which is to raise awareness about a well-known, yet undeniably inhumane aspect of prison life—solitary confinement.

James Burns Sitting in Cell

Credit: James Burns/VICE

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