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Fans Want to Ban This YouTuber for Being Too Thin

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How thin is too thin?

Eugenia is just a young woman who has made a pretty good name for herself on YouTube and other social media platforms because she’s cute and has a bubbly personality. She makes videos about styles, makeup application, new beauty products, and the like which is all well and good, but she rarely addresses her body which has become a point of extreme controversy to millions. Eugenia is noticeably underweight, and her thin frame has gotten even slimmer lately to the point of the girl who must weigh under 100 pounds looking like a walking skeleton. Her fans and concerned people beg her to seek treatment for her possible eating disorder, but it falls on deaf ears. So now a petition has started to get her off the air so that she gets the message that she needs help, or she’ll die.

eugenia cooney

Source: YouTube @Eugenia Cooney

Would you sign a petition if it could save Eugenia's life?