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Fans Are Furious After Catching ABC Editing Down A Christmas Special Classic

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Respecting the Classics

With indoor malls, outdoor malls, outlet malls, Black Friday, Amazon Prime, and Retail Me Not, it’s easy to get caught up in the sales of the holiday season. The deals are right there… set out perfectly in front of shoppers on the radio, in the newspapers, on Facebook, and in email inboxes.

No longer is it only the thought that counts. Nowadays, it seems like the only things that matter are the bells, the whistles, and the latest electronics. The commercialization of the holidays has become so effective and profitable for businesses that last year (2016) the total of holiday sales were expected to exceed one trillion — yes, trillion — dollars before Dec. 25 had even passed.

Where the last two months of the year were once a time reserved to enjoy home and family in their simplest forms, the obsession with finding the perfect gift has overtaken that reservation.

Letting the presents distract from the presence of the holiday time isn’t a new thing. The meaning of the “most wonderful time of the year” has been fading for decades, which is what probably led producer Lee Mendelson and director Bill Melendez to create A Charlie Brown Christmas. The mid-1960s animated film spells out the meaning of Christmas and shames the over commercialization of the day in such a way that it earned a Peabody Award and an Emmy.

The tale is so time-honored that it became an annual broadcast in the United States, airing every year since its 1965 release. ABC is the current owner of the 25-minute film’s rights, making it responsible for airing the animation yearly. And according to fans, ABC is doing a terrible job.

Avid watchers of A Charlie Brown Christmas have noticed that parts of the movie have been clipped, making room for more commercials.

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