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Young Actor Asks His 89-Year-Old Neighbor to Move in With Him

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When you're the best of friends...

When you think of an unlikely friendship, who comes to mind?

Though it’s said that opposites attract, I think that, most of the time, similar people stick together, be it due to mutual interests, similar backgrounds, or shared aspirations.

That isn’t the case with Chris and Norma.

After she fell ill while battling leukemia, 89-year-old Norma Cook came to depend on her next door neighbor, 31-year-old actor and singer Chris Salvatore. But after the two hit it off, Chris decided to take it one step further, so he invited Norma—and her cat Hermes—to move in with him.

This is the story of their amazing friendship that will make even the closest of BFFs jealous.

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Source: Instagram @chrissalvatore

He took her into his house and gave her a home