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10 Actual Historical Accounts That Contradict the Bible

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Thou Shall Not Lie

Regardless of your religious beliefs, the Bible is one of the most influential pieces of literature ever written.

Consisting of various prophetic accounts, songs and psalms, parables, and the written word of God, the Bible is taken literally by some, taken very seriously by many, and totally ignored by others. To the former, it’s canon, law, and a way of life. To the latter, it’s just a story. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be both. After all, it’s called ‘the greatest story ever told’ for a reason.

Over time, the Bible has gone from being interpreted as a verbatim account of history to a more fluid understanding that it was written by many people over the course of a thousand years; needless to say, there are bound to be some discrepancies, exaggerations, and metaphors.

And yet the Bible has greatly impacted not only the realm of religion, but virtually every tenant of our society as well. Its main messages have been promulgated across the world and its cultures, directly influencing law, philosophy, speech, and manners. You may not believe what it has to say, but the Bible has already influenced your life; its teachings are virtually omnipresent.

So how true is it? Though many of its tales are from first-hand accounts, other primary sources from around the ancient world have different accounts than what went down in Jewish and Christian history. Which ones will you believe?

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