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This XXX Site Will Donate Money to Charity Every Time You Get Off

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Charity just got hands on.

Don’t you wish you could do something better with your time?

If you’re like most of the adult world, you spend your days working for a certain numbers of hours, and when you’re not working, you’re probably making the most of your free time (while dreading the work yet to come).

What do you do with your free time? If you’re a modern day saint, you might volunteer with a charity or an inspirational cause. Otherwise, you might be kicking back with friends and family, going out for a night on the town or a wild weekend binge. Or perhaps you prefer to stay home and relax.

Now let’s be candid. If you’re a guy, you know that staying home to relax most likely includes one popular pastime.

Thanks to our biology, boys get pretty handsy early on, and many of us learn without any help how to keep ourselves busy. Of course, much to our disappointment, we’re told by just about everyone that our newfound hobby is either dirty, immoral, sinful, or just plain gross. While that doesn’t stop us (trust me, if any man says he doesn’t do it, he’s lying), it certainly may induce a feeling of shame into the process.

Now for the good news, men! You no longer have to feel guilty about beating your meat, because this new adult site just changed the game.

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