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Adults Talk About the Moment They Found Out They Were Adopted

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Family is family.

What makes us family?

Is it the immediate unit we’re born into and grow up with? Our blood relatives with whom we share DNA? Or does family include our friends, roommates, and support networks? Do you even know who your real family is?

A movie plot for some and a reality for others, adoption is a subject gaining more visibility and protection in countries across the world, with numbers increasing in the US every year.

According to 2015 statistics from the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS), there has been a steady increase over the past several years of the number of children in foster care, the number of children waiting to be adopted, and the total number of adoptees in the United States.

While we all may know a family who adopted a baby, do you ever think about what happens to them along the way or later in life? Some people may never know the full truth of their origin whereas others may grow up with the fact, even reconnecting with their parents or blood relatives at some point.

Although family is what we make of it, our birth parents often remain an important part of who we are, and the question of our identity is very much a journey that never wholly ends. People were asked to share the stories of how they found out about their adoption, and these are truly inspiring.

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Here's how these people found out