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This Law Will Change the Way History Remembers Gay & Bisexual Men

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Exonerated at last.

One of the reasons that homosexuality—or, more correctly, any orientation other than heterosexuality—is still such a taboo subject today is because it has been criminalized for so long in different countries and cultures across the world.

Though demonstrated and even prized in the most enlightened cultures since ancient times, homosexual tendencies in recent history have been chastised, made to be both morally and legally wrong, forcing millions to suffer emotional, social, and physical harm or even death.

As of August 2016, there were still 76 countries in the world where homosexuality was illegal, punishable by jail time, torture, and execution.

For centuries, such homophobic legislation—typically blanketed under sodomy laws—has restricted the power, influence, and day-to-day rights of countless men and women, often ruining lives and reputations for generations to come.

Now, one government is taking the steps necessary to right that wrong, and it’s being done in the memory of one particularly important gay man.

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The new legislation is named after one of its greatest victims