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ALERT! Today Is National Pizza Day! In Honor, These Are Our Favorite Hilarious Pizza Tweets

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World's Best Holiday

What’s your favorite holiday? Christmas? Maybe Thanksgiving? Wrong! It’s National Pizza Day. Rejoice! If you love pizza as much as we do, then this is either the best news you’ve heard today, or you’ve already got it marked down on your calendar.

I don’t want to hear your diet excuses. Yes we know bikini season is creeping up fast. WE DON’T CARE. National Pizza Day voids all diets, so, you can indulge in cheesy, carb-loaded goodness, 100% guilt-free. Yolo.

In honor of this wonderful holiday, let’s take a look at people celebrating around the world with these hilarious #NationalPizzaDay tweets.

pizza delivery boxes

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Check out these hilarious tweets!