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He Went to the Doctor With the “Flu” and Left Without Arms or Legs

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Lucky to be alive...

How often do you get sick?

We live in a dirty world, and our bodies are only so strong. Given the hundreds of millions of bacteria we come in contact with in a given day (depending on our environment, of course), it’s no surprise that at least a few will be pathogenic or succeed in colonizing in or on our bodies, perhaps even causing some gross or lousy side effects. But considering all of the harmful pathogens our body automatically takes care of without us hardly even noticing, it’s truly a feat of biology that we stay so healthy… and a major convenience for us!

Especially for those of us who have access to and partake in modern medicine, fighting off the millions of bacteria we encounter in our day to day lives has become easier and more thoughtless than at any point in human history. Diseases that were most often fatal even to our near ancestors are shrugged off today in many countries as practically harmless, and that’s not even mentioning the illnesses that have been eradicated entirely. Immunizations have changed the world of medicine, and the smallpox vaccine alone prevents upwards of five million untimely fatalities every year. Progress with the development and distribution of other vaccines means infectious diseases like polio, whooping cough, and even the measles may all become historical illnesses of the past that future generations will never suffer from but only read about instead.

That being said, most everyone still gets sick from time to time, no matter how often they wash their hands and no matter how sterile the environment they work and live in. After all, at the end of the day, we’re only animals. You just have to hope that whatever you do get sick with is only something minor that can be easily shaken off or otherwise quickly treated by whatever medicine your doctor prescribes or that you grab over the counter.

Unfortunately, this simple solution just isn’t the case for everyone. For one man named Alex Lewis, a short battle with the common cold would turn out to be anything but common, and before he knew it, he was in a fight for his life and would lose most of his physical self along the way. But did he gain just as much in return? Here’s his story.

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Source: YouTube/Ali Chishti