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Amazing Things About the Human Body People Don’t Know About

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The skin we live in

I still don’t think I’ll ever forget that episode of The Magic School Bus when they quite awkwardly voyage into the bodily depths of fellow classmate Ralphie. Equal parts disgusting and fascinating, it left virtually no orifice or organ behind as we all got a first-hand view of exactly what’s going on inside of this body we live in.

From birth till death, from the dawn of time until they invent the means to download our consciousness to an external hard drive or some universal cloud, we live every moment inside of this incredible shell of skin and bone. For better or for worse, not all bodies are created equal, but they are equally spellbinding, like science made manifest into some living miracle.

Think you know all there is to know about the human body? Redditors were asked to share their best fun facts about our bodies’ enthralling and often lesser-known capabilities, and needless to say they’re pretty jaw-dropping.

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Credit: Black Salmon/Shutterstock/Reddit