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Absurd Ideas That Incels Have That Are Causing Mad Fury

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Warning! Rage inducing ideas ahead! (Also, triggers, probably)

“Incel” means “involuntary celibate”, which means they are guys who are (typically) virgins and are so resentful about it that they spend all day online bitching about it to each other on message boards. Incels have a tendency to extremely misogynistic — Women (who they call “females” or “femoids”) who aren’t virgins are called “sluts” or “roasties” (referring to female genitalia). Incels are also obsessed with men they call “Chads”: Good looking guys that can get laid.

Incels are bitter men. They choose to blame women, other men, and society for being angry and lonely, instead of working on bettering themselves physically and emotionally. Some incels have gotten to the point where they threaten sexual assault and violence on message boards and social media. It had gotten so bad that one of their main homes, Reddit, decided to ban the subgroup /r/incels in November.

We’ve rounded up the most incredibly infuriating, offensive, and nonsensical things some of them have posted on the internet.

awkward photoshoot nasty pig

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