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Amazon Knows Your Alexa Has Been Spontaneously Laughing, and They’re Working to Fix It

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She's always listening.

By now, you might as well have accepted that the day is nigh when smart technology will conquer the human race until eventually we’re all reporting to our robot overlords.

Just kidding… sort of.

These days, smart technology is everywhere, from the homes we live in to the places we work, all the way down to our own bodies. Even if the only technology you have or use regularly is a smart phone, chances are it’s keeping track of an absurd amount of your personal information. It all comes down to if you think the convenience is worth any potential risks or invasions of privacy.

For those of us who embrace it, however, it’s likely that you have at least several smart devices accompanying you through your day. One of the most popular intelligent personal assistants is Amazon’s Alexa, the little voice and big brain inside of the Echo. But even if she makes your life easier, not everyone is comfortable with her omnipresence, and now people around the world are reporting that she’s spontaneously laughing without being prompted. Is this the beginning of the end?

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Source: via Twitter/pixelatedboat