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Amy Schumer Is Already Getting Body Shamed for Potential Barbie Movie Role

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They don't think she's a Barbie Girl

Amy Schumer may have been tapped to act in an upcoming live-action Barbie film, but she’s got a lot of opposition from people who think that Barbie shouldn’t be exposed to such a woman. Amy is proud of her body, and she’s not model-thin. How dare she flaunt her normal figure in front of the plastic doll that looks like an impossibly thin woman? Those concerned about the bad influence that Amy could pose to their vulnerable children are scared that the little ones might think that being not-extremely skinny is okay, it seems.

amy schumer close up 2016 gq red carpet

Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Barbie may be hitting the big screen for a live-action movie, but Amy Schumer may not be invited.