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6 Anti-Gay Pastors Who Turned Out to Be Gay

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Like Shakespeare’s impact on the English language, the extent to which we reference the Bible (whether consciously or not) on a daily basis is immeasurable.

From scripture that has developed into common sayings to passages that now define the most basic rules of our modern and democratic society, the impact of Judeo-Christian values in the world today extends far beyond the realm of religion, having instead become a tenet of our everyday lives.

That being said, religion remains a powerful force from politics to ethics, and it sure is nice to have the Bible on your side, especially in countries like America with large and influential populations of devout practitioners. Sadly, many influential religious figures use their power for their own gain instead of for the greater good, catering to the truly faithful on campaigns of hate for the single purpose of self gain.

And, just like their political counterparts, many of these religious figures, often men, are actually living shocking double lives. Forced to lie about their true identities and emotions, it is a bittersweet moment of irony whenever an anti-gay religious leader turns out to be gay themselves. And it happens so very often.

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These pastors were forced out of their holy closets