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Anti-Vax Mom Goes on Facebook Rant After Daughter Gets Vaccinated Behind Her Back

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And her daughter was an adult, too...

Chances are you’ve heard or read about the anti-vaccine or anti-vaxxer movement over the past few years, whether online or on the news.

While nothing new (vaccines have faced opposition since their inception in the 1700s), today’s digital landscape has provided the idea space for these ideas to grow and spread, especially among new and expecting parents.

A study published in the journal Information, Communication & Society, stressed the role of platforms like Facebook in the propagation of this (often false) information. Naomi Smith, the study’s lead researcher, said, “Social media plays an important role in making anti-vaccination beliefs durable and persistent.” Furthermore, the study found that the “vast majority” of people sharing anti-vaxxer information and articles online are women.

One virulently anti-vax mother turned to Facebook after finding out that her 19-year-old daughter secretly went to the doctor to get vaccinated, and her rant—not to mention her friends’ comments—are truly eye-opening.

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