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People Who Have Been to Jail Share What Their First Day Was Like

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Your mileage may vary, future jailbirds

For most people, particularly those who have never been there before, the idea of going to jail is terrifying. Beyond the extreme disruption to their lives and the idea of losing their freedom, people are fearful of the same old thing as always: the unknown.

So, the good folks of Reddit reached out to their friends with pasts, asking other Reddit users to describe what their first day locked up was like. The answers ranged from the banal to the nearly unbelievable, leaving the idea of what actually happens in jail just as unknowable as when the question was first asked.

But hey, at least there were some good stories. We gathered a few of the best here for you to trawl through.

man grabbing cell bars in prison

Credit: sakhorn/Shutterstock