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Meet the Artists Behind the World’s Favorite Viral Internet Cartoons

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Behind the Scenes

How do things become a part of pop culture?

Often, though it may feel like a new celebrity or trend has popped up out of nowhere, those fans who had been following the person or fad for a long time know that, even in our world of viral fame, few things simply happen overnight.

In our image-heavy culture obsessed with GIFs and memes, you’ve probably seen similar or recurring images online whether shared by friends or used by a site or Facebook page. And while you might not give it much thought at first, you slowly become familiar with the styles and messages of these different cartoons and comics. But unless you’re already a fan, do you ever learn more about them?

These are the artists behind some of the Internet’s most viral cartoons and drawings. Get to know them and impress your friends! You’ve seen their work, now see them!

cyanide and happiness comic artist

Source: Cyanide and Happiness/ Instagram @explosmofficial