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Ashton Kutcher & John McCain are DC’s New Bromance

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How cute are they?

Now that Obama and Biden are out of the office, Washington D.C. is officially on the hunt for a new bromance to obsess over. While nothing can come quite as close as the former president and vice president, Ashton Kutcher and Senator John McCain just might be the top contenders. On Wednesday morning, That ’70s Show star Ashton Kutcher testified at the Senate Foreign Relation Hearing on the topic of ending modern slavery.

Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Yep, you read that right. In addition to his talents in acting and pranking celebrities and common folk on MTV, Kutcher is also the co-founder of a tech organization that fights child sexual exploitation called Thorn (Mila Kunis, you snatched up a real good one). More specifically, they produce a program “to combat predatory behavior, rescue victims, and protect vulnerable children.” As impressed as we are with Kutcher’s ambitions and achievements, it was still an odd sight to see Kelso sitting in the Dirksen Senate Office Building.

ashton kutcher talking

Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Seems like McCain had similar thoughts and couldn’t resist a funny jab, telling Kutcher, “You were better looking in the movies.” All in good fun, Kutcher accepts the jab and blows a kiss to the senator. Later in the hearing, Kutcher testified saying, “This is about the time, when I start talking about politics, that the internet trolls tell me to stick to my day job, so I’d like to talk about my day job. My day job is the chairman and co-founder of Thorn. We build software to fight human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children. That’s our core mission… We [are] their last line of defense… That’s my day job. And I’m sticking to it.”

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