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Former Atheists Reveal Why They Now Believe in God

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The eternal struggle to believe in a higher power

Faith in a higher power is a fascinating aspect of humanity, and people come to it in a plethora of ways. If there is a higher power looking over us and listening to our prayers, guiding us when we need it the most and proving to us that it’s there, then why doesn’t it make itself more widely known instead of putting us through such dark, painful times? What makes one person who has believed in God all their lives lose every ounce of their faith, and what makes a lifelong skeptic feel God’s love for them in an instant? These are questions that we may never know the answer to until we pass on. And even then, do we just cease to exist and rot away, or do we graduate to a higher plane of existence?

These Redditors got into an incredible discussion about having faith in a higher power whether they’ve felt it forever, they worked very hard to feel something, or it filled them within just a moment. Have you had a religious experience like this?

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Can someone really feel a belief of God come over them in an instant?