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#Badasslands National Park Goes Rogue on Twitter

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Vive la résistance!

It’s not unusual for there to be an upheaval in regulations and processes when a new administration takes control, and over the years we’ve seen numerous presidents take various steps to start implementing their policies during their first few days in office.

So why does President Trump’s first week feel so abrupt?

Politics, policies, and empty promises aside, it’s always scary when the attempt at a fresh start comes in the form of a barrage of executive orders, especially when these EOs restrict basic things such as, you know, freedom of speech.

In wake of the new president’s string of orders freezing regulatory powers on all federal agencies, thus prohibiting various federal agencies from using social media, talking about their work and research, or speaking to the press, one national park took “the resistance” upon itself in classic Western outlaw fashion, if only for a short time.

badlands national park closed stop

Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Here's what they had to say before they were cut off