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Restaurant Kicks Out Party of 25 African Americans After 1 White Customer Complains

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She said she felt "threatened"

Imagine waiting for hours to get into your favorite restaurant only to have your entire night ruined by one awful customer. Even worse: Imagine it all happens because you’re black, and because that other customer is white.

Race relations have not been so great in America in recent years; of course, much of this comes from old, unresolved tensions that have still not been properly addressed even decades and centuries later. While many people would never pass judgement on others because of the color of their skin, there are sadly still many out there for whom these bygone racist beliefs are too deeply engrained.

A large group of family and friends in Charleston, South Carolina were ready for a fun night out together when one racially-charged older woman ruined their night. Sadly, the restaurant owner sided with her.

Source: YouTube @TopViralNews

This story is disgraceful