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Bartenders Reveal the Smoothest Move They’ve Ever Seen Pulled Across the Bar

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These guys got game!

You’re single, so you get all dressed up and head out to your local bar to see the talent. There are some good looking people, but you’ve got your eye on that little honey sitting at the bar with her girlfriends. You think about how to play this one, and you’re ready to pull something out of your repertoire. You make your approach and lay down your best lines, looking fly the whole time. How can she possibly resist you right now? But alas, she is repulsed, and you have to creep along back to your seat defeated.

Bartenders watch this scenario play out night after night. It’s a perk of the job, perhaps. But it’s a real treat when they finally watch that guy make a connection with the prey he’s after. These bartenders are ready to dish on the smoothest moves they’ve ever seen go down while they were slinging drinks.

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