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Bearded Lady Refuses to Shave Despite Death Threats, Boyfriend Loves Their MATCHING Beards

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Body positivity goes a long way

Humans are innately social creatures. While people like being around others, they are most comfortable around those similar to themselves. The suburbs, small communities, and country clubs, even fraternities, sororities, and clubs, are built on the notion that people generally like being around those similar to themselves.

While, there’s no doubt, humans do enjoy meshing with foreign cultures, lifestyles, and people… There’s a limit to the amount of uniqueness some will put up with. Don’t agree? Take Alma Torres, for example. She’s not totally different from any other American citizen. She lives in New York with her loving boyfriend, Taylor. She works as a photographer. Oh, but she does have a full grown beard.

Apparently, what Alma has going on on her own face bothers people enough to get the media’s attention. Solidifying the earlier made statement: There’s a limit to the amount of uniqueness some will put up with.

Credit: Mercury Press & Media LTD