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15 Incredible Before and After Pictures of People Who Quit Drinking for Good

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Feeling and looking healthier is far better than boozing

We all know that drinking is not really good for you if you have too much at one time, over long periods of time, or if you constantly get blackout drunk. But the long-term effects of alcohol can change your body in ways that you don’t notice until it’s too late. Your liver can be irreparably damaged from years of drinking. Your body will bloat due to water retention. Your skin can become lackluster due to the high amounts of sugar and carbs in booze. Not to mention the serious immediate effects of blacking out and engaging in dangerous activities.

But there is hope for your body if you make the difficult, life-saving decision to get sober. You’ll probably lose weight, and you’ll feel healthier, think clearer, and have more energy.

Source: Reddit @JungFuPDX

You won't believe how different they look just from not drinking