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The Best of ‘How It Should Have Ended’: DC Extended Universe

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"Because I'm Batman"

The DC Extended Universe started production in 2011 and has been delivering reimagined blockbuster films about some of our favorite superheroes ever since. With the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Justice League, and more, it’s hard to believe these films wouldn’t be huge hits.

But we all know how finicky fans can be.

Since fan reactions to DCEU movies have been mixed, the How It Should Have Ended YouTube series from the eponymous channel had some ideas of their own. It’s hard to believe that HISHE began back in 2005 with the talented team of Daniel Baxter, Tommy Watson, and Christina Alexander and has been pumping out quality videos ever since. With over 7.5 million subscribers, HISHE has been around long enough to parody multiple iterations of DC films.

From classic movies to recent blockbusters, no movie is safe from How It Should Have Ended‘s creative renderings. Today, however, we’re bringing you the best of movies based off DC Comics. Which one is your favorite?

how it should have ended dc extended universe

Source: YouTube/How It Should Have Ended