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Betsy DeVos Gets Shamed Game of Thrones Style

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Shame! Shame! Shame!

It’s safe to say that Betsy DeVos isn’t the most popular person in America right now. In fact, behind Trump, Putin, and Voldemort, there’s not a lot of people that educated members of society hate more than Professor Umbridge er, I mean, Ms. DeVos. This week, in a historic move, DeVos was voted in as Secretary of Education. Fifty votes for and fifty against with the Vice President of the United States casting the unfortunate deciding vote.

Dick DeVos (C) watches as US Vice President Mike Pence (R) administers the oath of office to US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos during a swearing-in ceremony in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building February 7, 2017 in Washington

Credit: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

In just her second day on the job, protests don’t seem to be letting up. Friday morning, DeVos had plans to visit the Jefferson Academy in Washington, D.C but was met with a small crowd of protesters refusing to let her in the building. They quite literally blocked themselves on the stairs leading up to the back entrance of the school. Her security then made the move to turn her around back to the car.

Betsy DeVos

Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, the protesters followed her screaming things like, “You’re giving money to senators and buying your way into the position… you should be so proud of yourself.” Our favorite chant, however, was the man shouting “SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!” Can you tell he was a Game of Thrones fan?

TMZ reports that the visit was originally organized by the teacher’s union, “which says it wants to make sure DeVos knows they support public schools.” As you know, one of the biggest issues the nation has with DeVos is her utter incompetency and having zero experience or connection to public schooling. But hey, as one conservative extended family member of mine put it, “she’s a delightful lady… really nice” so I guess we have that going for us. She eventually made her way into the school. Let us know what you think of this protest and be sure to SHARE this story!