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This Twitter Has Been Correctly Predicting the Future for Months

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Welcome to the future.

“I want to believe.”

Sometimes no explanation is the best explanation. When we witness something our brain can’t immediately make sense of, we may turn to the fantastic or choose not to process it all together. Miracles, magic, divine intervention, a glitch in the Matrix—call it what you will, many of us bear witness to these seemingly impossible events from time to time.

The latest example is one ripe for our digital world. A Twitter account with the handle @beyoncefan666 is gaining some major traction for correctly predicting Beyoncé’s recent announcement that she is pregnant with twins. Okay, so what? Maybe it was a lucky guess. But as you continue to read various tweets from the account, you begin to notice that the person (or people) behind it have been correctly predicting pop culture and world events for months.

Is this the Nostradamus of the digital age, or is there a more practical explanation?

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Source: Twitter @beyoncefan666/ Instagram @beyonce

I smell a rat