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Finally Released: The ‘Bible of Scientology’ Is Just As Wild As Everyone Imagined

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"If you are a person, this book is for you."

Scientology is one of the most talked-about and least understood ‘religions’ on the planet. The brainchild of science-fiction author and enthusiast L. Ron Hubbard, it’s easy to understand why Scientology rose to popularity when it did. Decades later and after years of revealed abuses and members forced to flee for their safety, however, one has to wonder if all the terrible rumors or true.

Regardless of your thoughts about the institution, one undeniable fact is that Scientology is shrouded in mystery and controlled by a seemingly bizarre series of doctrines, lessons, and beliefs that followers buy into 100% but outsiders have a hard time understanding.

To be fair, the same thing could be said about numerous systems of belief and faith, but no other religious text was ever illustrated quite like this!

The so-called “Bible of Scientology” is a guidebook specifically written from the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard educating followers on how to embrace Scientology in their day-to-day lives and interactions, but it seems a lot more like something straight out of a sci-fi movie…

Do you follow these lessons?

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Credit: L. Ron Hubbard