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Bill O’Reilly’s Most Baffling ‘Tips of the Day’ On Twitter

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Bill, what's up with these tweets?

Bill O’Reilly was fired from his position at Fox News in April of 2017. Despite the fact that he was ousted for years of apparent sexual misconduct (and subsequent coverups by the network), he left with a $32 million settlement. Because this is Bill O’Reilly we’re talking about here, the disgraced conservative commentator wasn’t just going to take this money and run… He went back to work for his own media company where I assume no pesky HR department would give him any flack.

Today, Bill O’Reilly spends his time vlogging on his website, hosting his subscription service radio show (which is still bafflingly popular), and of course… tweeting.

Somewhere between posting pictures of his corgi, denouncing the mainstream media, and redundantly using words like pithy in 280 character tweets, Bill started a little series, noted as his “Tip of the Day.” Possibly, I guess, because people enjoy getting life advice from a man who spent $50 million to silence women whom he sexually harassed.

Here’s a few of our favorites…

bill o'reilly

Credit: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images