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We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Wild Optical Illusion Dance

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How many dancers do you see?

Dance has always been a fascinating artistic medium thanks to its wide diversity and the sheer physicality of the performers.

While casual dancing today might not resemble the beautiful dances and routines of the past by any means (just picture a 7th grade dance or even your senior prom…), it’s not a lost art when it comes to professionals or average people who rehearse enough. If you’re lucky enough to live in a town or city with an active arts community, or if you know somebody who dances at a studio or with a group, you may get to enjoy seeing performances often. For the rest of us, we’re left to find new and innovative routines online.

One mind-bending dance is going viral again and has us absolutely rubbing our eyes trying to make sense of what we’re seeing! Watch this hilarious mashup to confused your brain!

optical illusion dance feature

Source: YouTube/Doranda Woestman