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Blue Whale Challenge Causes Teen Suicide Scare

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The dangerous "game" is killing teens

Warning: Graphic content ahead.

It seems like every year there’s a new and terrifying “trend,” usually born online, that encourages kids to hurt themselves or each other.

Sometimes these fads turn out to be true, and oftentimes, they’re just singular incidents or urban legends that get blown out of proportion by worried parents and a sensationalistic media. But better safe than sorry, right?

Unfortunately, in Russia, several of these online crazes have been leading to a terrifying spike in injuries and even deaths among children and teenagers. The latest craze started earlier this month. The especially haunting “game” for teens hit the Internet hard; it starts off with innocent challenges, but ultimately the “tasks” become more dangerous until it’s too late.

blue whale the echo of darkness

Source: Facebook @Echo of Darkness

You don't want to play this dangerous "game"