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Police Subdue an Unarmed Civilian Using Deadly Force!

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Warning this footage could cause emotional trauma for some.

Every time I hear of an incident of police brutality I have to wonder just what the suspected perpetrator really did to deserve the harshness that some members of law enforcement use to subdue their victims. I say victims because it seems that, more and more, we’re hearing stories in which those who took a vow to protect and defend the public are actually using their power and force to brutalize its citizens. The stats prove a disturbing reality and if one were to track such incidents they’d find they don’t need to look too far back in time to uncover horrifying instances in which individuals have been helplessly dehumanized by cops.

With factors like racial profiling and the “blue wall of silence,” it can be quite difficult to decipher the differences between those who are called to defend civilians and those who abuse them. This fine line leads to many instances in which we are left to rationalize the actions of both law enforcement and those being subjected to the sometimes unwarranted consequences. And in case you had any doubt about whether things like these had subsided (think again), we’re here to tell you they haven’t. One of the most recent instances (aside from Dallas teen Jordan Edwards’s death at the hands of a Balch Springs police officer) happened in Charlotte, NC and involved a man and an officer who threatened to kill him execution style.

We have to preface that this incident could leave you feeling really sad or extremely angry.

Credit: WBTV

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