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Photographer Fights Beauty Standards With Eye-Catching Technique

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He likes to look at what others are disgusted by

Francesc Planes is a 22-year-old Spanish photographer that uses his camera like a painter uses a paintbrush or a sculptor uses a chisel. Francesc doesn’t just want to show you the real world with his images; he wants to expose what lies beneath. He shows the things that most people will never see. Specifically, he wants to show you what lies beneath people’s clothing that they may be hesitant to show anyone.

His artistic, colorful photographs of body modifications, surgical scars, and deformities are things of wonder, curiosity, and discomfort. Francesc is obsessed with people in society who are otherwise looked over due to their differences because he finds them to be the most visually interesting people on the planet.

frncesc planes with old camera

Source: Vimeo/Jesús Ponce