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Dad Sells Baby Boy to Human Traffickers After Getting Into An Argument With His Wife

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A Happy Ending to a Horrific Story

Human trafficking is a horrifying type of modern slavery that plagues huge portions of the world, including the United States. Disturbingly, one of the reasons that it’s so pervasive and damaging is because it often happens under people’s noses without anyone ever being aware. Human traffickers often prey on people who are weak, young, defenseless, and who have nowhere else to turn, and so those who are already at a disadvantage in society are often those who fall victim to the chilling trade. Knowing and understanding why this life-destroying and generally fatal trade is so damaging makes this story all the more chilling.

When this man didn’t see eye-to-eye with the mother of his child, he didn’t decide to leave, or to put the child up for adoption. Instead, he sold his own son to human traffickers. The fact that the boy was ever seen or heard from again is a true miracle.

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