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3-Year-Old Chicago Boy With Rare Cancer Was Police Officer for a Day

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One special day is all it takes

The holidays should be full of joy, love, and being selfless. Even though there are millions of Americans who are less fortunate, financially, emotionally, or even physically, it’s nice to see people come together and be kind to our fellow citizens. Having a terminally ill loved one, especially a young child, is especially hard around the holidays. While everyone seems to be celebrating, some families are going through a myriad of negative emotions. So making a small gesture can brighten someone’s day, and it’s good to remember that every day of the year.

One little Chicago boy is battling cancer and thanks to Make-A-Wish, his dream came true for one exciting day. We hope this story inspires you to go out there and help someone going through a bad time.

david jaurez being sworn in by chicago police

Source: ABC 7 Chicago

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