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A Breastfeeding Cafe Is About to Open and We Kind of Love It

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Welcome to the Milk Lounge

It isn’t easy being a nursing mother.

Carrying around a child for nine months and then finally giving birth are both extremely arduous tasks that only certain women will ever understand. These events only mark the start of a lifetime of work and love yet to come.

When it comes to newborns, the first few months can seem like an eternity. Working mothers are expected to get their professional lives back on track while dealing with their postpartum recovery and taking essential care of their newborn. The hardest step of all, that working and full-time moms alike understand, is how hard the rest of the world makes nursing a newborn.

Now, a new establishment is hoping to make life easier for new moms everywhere while also tackling the terrible stigmas that come with nursing.

breastfeeding milk bar nottinghamshire

Credit: Lumen Photos/Shutterstock; Instagram @themilklounge

Would you nurse at the Milk Lounge?