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In the Disturbing Chicago Kidnapping Case, the Brittany Herring Mugshot Isn’t Even Real

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A real story turned fake witch hunt

While social media and instantaneous news on the Internet can spread vital information faster than ever before in history, it comes at a grave price.

In 2016, the world became all too familiar with the concept of “fake news,” although we’ve been getting it in every medium since the dawn of time. Rumors, unfounded stories, incorrect research, misquotes, and outright lies adorn far too many of today’s headlines, whether done deliberately for sales or mistakenly when a story is rushed out too quickly.

Now, a disturbing case involving the kidnapping and torture of a mentally-challenged man in the Chicago area—all of which was broadcast on social media—has grown even more complicated after a fake mugshot of one of the perpetrators was released and accepted to be real. Here’s what we know (for sure).

brittany herring chicago kidnapping victim mugshot

Source: Facebook @Brittany Herring For Prison/ Twitter @ExtinctMedia

The upsetting case became even more troubling