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Single People Share What They Would Put on Their Dating Profiles If They Were Brutally Honest

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Lives with mom. No job. Hates vegetables.

We’re always told to put our best foot forward when it comes to anything in life: networking, applying for jobs, and dating. But dating has changed so much in the last ten years in part because dating apps have become so popular and prevalent: We are competing against thousands of other people. Because of the amount of selection, we often feel obligated to list our awesomenesses and skip over our flaws. On Tinder it seems that everyone loves the outdoors, does CrossFit, travels the world, and “works hard, plays harder.” But what if we were honest about how we really see ourselves?

We have some of the best and funniest Redditors revealing their actual personalities behind the dating profiles.

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Stuck up. Cries a lot. Daddy issues.