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BURN! People Share the Best Insults They’ve Ever Heard

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You want some ice for that burn?

If you are a human, you have insulted somebody at some point in your life. You may have even done it without realizing.

But is dishing out a cleverly-crafted insult in our nature, or is it something we pick up along the way? Is your word power your first defense, or do you only resort to harsh words if you can’t think of another solution? Are you a master of perfectly-timed comebacks, or does your retort always seem to come too late in l’esprit de l’escalier?

Whether or not you pride yourself on comebacks or even insult people in the first place, you’ve probably heard some creative jabs in your time. People were asked to share the best insults they ever heard, and you’ll want to write these down for future use—just don’t be too mean about it!

These are proof that the pen and tongue are mightier than the sword!

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Source: Universal Pictures/ Reddit

Read and rehearse the best insults of all time!