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Woman’s Campaign for Marriage Equality Totally Backfires Once It Goes Viral

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She just didn't get it

On Nov. 29, the Australian Senate passed a historic bill that would allow same-sex couples to be married. The bill will now go to the House of Representatives to be voted on, and it’s likely to pass and become law.

Senate Leader of the Opposition Penny Wong said about the landmark decision:

“What [marriage equality] says to young LGBTIQ Australians, what it says to the young man struggling with who he is, or the young woman who feels alone and ashamed, what it says to the children of same-sex couples who feel ostracized. It says to so many Australians, this parliament, this country, accept you for who you are. Your love is not lesser, and nor are you. It says you’re one of us.”

The bill was shot down 20 times before, but most Australians are finally in favor of allowing people to marry who they love despite gender. Of the 12.7 million citizens who voted on the initial survey, 61% were in favor of gay marriage.

There were massive campaigns that helped in changing people’s attitudes towards it, but not all of the campaigns were well-thought out. Though Mia Freedman had the best intentions, her plea for straight, married people to stand up for gay marriage was deemed “tone-deaf” by the Internet.

Australians Celebrate YES Vote Win In Marriage Law Postal Survey

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