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Cancer Symptoms That Are Almost Always Ignored

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Know these signs before it's too late...

Cancer is a terrible disease that can afflict anyone at any time. While many children suffer from the disease (approximately 165,000 known cases in children under 15 in 2012) and others are tragically already born with it, in general, the risk of getting some form of cancer goes up with age, which makes it increasingly important to be aware of the signs and symptoms—and go for medical checkups—as we get older. With the advances of modern medicine today, many forms of cancer are highly treatable if not completely curable, so discovering that you have cancer as soon as possible is key for survival.

One problem though is that some symptoms of cancer, like headaches or sore joints and muscles, are often mistaken for other, less serious ailments. With more than 100 types of cancer known today, nearly any organ or tissue in the body could be susceptible to the disease. Naturally, this can make it even more difficult to find, diagnose, and treat without the proper warning signs or medical care. While some types of cancer can be brought on by things under our own control, such as smoking, excessive drinking, exposure to the Sun, diet and obesity, lack of exercise, or living in polluted environments, many cancers happen genetically or even randomly as cells begin to mutate on their own.

That being said, regular screenings, being aware of unexpected changes in your body, and understanding the commonly missed symptoms while living a healthy lifestyle are the best things you can do for yourself. Do you think your symptoms or moods are from cancer or from another ailment? Learn the difference; it might just save your life.

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