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Here’s Why You Might Have Seen Celebrities Taking Pictures Holding Up Four Fingers

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Spreading the Message

Social media trends come and go, but many of them make a lasting impact.

Push up challenges. Sharing the color of your bra. Posting a status asking people to copy and paste. The Ice Bucket Challenge. All of these have their time, often with individual or viral successes, each demonstrating the power of solidarity shared even by friends and strangers thousands of miles away from each other. All are equally important ways to use visuals to spread important messages.

Lately, you may have seen a new movement on social media, though its meaning may be more implicit or less obvious than others. In fact, you may have even seen it and scrolled right by. But the next time you see someone holding up four fingers, know that it’s for a much bigger purpose; tons of celebrities and regular people alike are getting on board to show their support.

Source: Twitter @bbcthree; Instagram @kristenanniebell, @nathalieemmanuel

Four fingers for a cause. Here's what it all means